Hello Everyone. We are approaching the end of the Fall 2022 season, and the games have gone fairly well. I’ve kept the captains updated with any issues, however, it’s been a while since I’ve posted information. Some key notes as follows:

  1. The standings are bunched up as usual, which is a good sign because it means the Divisions are reasonably well balanced in strength. Although we don’t have playoffs, the long round robins are still a pretty good measure of strength of the teams, and in many ways are a better indicator of who the top teams are. At moment, the top teams are Too Much Sauce in Div. 1, Hard Tacos/Big Girls Don’t Kawhi in Div. 2, and Tenacious D in Div. 3. I’m trying to find the trophies, however, it’s a bit of a challenge as the previous teams that had these trophies were pre-Covid and a couple of them are no longer in the league.
  2. Although the games have gone well, the score reporting is for the most part very poor. Only a few teams have consistently either reported their individual game score or texted/emailed me the scoresheet as teams are supposed to do. We have to get better at this as it delays the standings update, not to mention the extra effort and time it takes to chase the scores.
  3. Registration for Winter 2023 is underway, similar to the previous season. The sooner we register, the sooner I can set the schedule. We will try playoffs next season as some teams seem to want this. Personally, I think we should stick with the round robins as the tone of the games are much better. But let’s give it a try. If the games don’t go as smoothly, we will revert back to the round robins.
  4. There have been issues with the slippery floor, and I have communicated with the captains about this. We had one serious injury, so we will have to do our part to mitigate any injuries. Things we can do include: mopping the floor before each game, ensuring that players/fans do not enter the gym with outdoor shoes, and stop the game to clean the floor if necessary.
  5. Overall, the league is in good shape. Please feel free to send feedback as the bits of feedback cumulatively help to smoothen the operation of the league.
  6. Thanks. Biraj