Hi Everyone.  Good games continue.  See notes below:

  1. I hear there was a quadruple overtime game in Div. 2A yesterday with Titans winning over The Basketball Team.  Even though this delayed the subsequent games, this is exciting and not an issue.   If we do end up in any situation where we are delayed for whatever reason, please try not to compromise the 60 minute length of the game, but you could do things like, run the clock, i.e., don’t stop for timeouts, start the clock right away, limit warmup to one minute, etc.  At Kerrisdale, we can run late as I have the gym, however, at Kits and Sunset, especially at Kits, we have definite time limits.
  2. Monitoring no shows.  Please ensure you show up for monitoring.  No shows is a $50 penalty.  A few minutes late is okay, but please remember that being late or not showing up creates a big problem as someone else is forced to do it.
  3. Div. 1 playoffs.  Next week is the last week of the Div. 1 playoff round robin.  R-Town has already clinched a spot in the final, so next week will decide who will be the other finalist.  Div. 1 finals on 29th January.
  4. Div. 2 playoffs.  It looks like we will have to play some Div. 2 round robin games on Superbowl Sunday – both 2A and 2B.  There are 6 Div. 2 playoff games in total to be played that Sunday.  I could schedule the meaningful ones early – a couple of the games won’t make any difference to the standings, and we may have to skip these games.
  5. Div. 3 playoffs.  The Div. 3A playoffs are important, so similar to Div. 2, I could schedule the meaningful ones early on Superbowl Sunday, and either schedule the other ones later or just skip them.  There are 3 playoff games in Div. 3A – one or two may be meaningful that week.  Div. 3B – we may just skip these games, or I could schedule them anyway in case some teams just want a run
  6. Registration   – please let me know asap if your team is returning.  I need to turn around the Spring 2017 schedule quickly after the Fall 2016 finals, so the sooner I know how many teams I’m dealing with, the sooner I can make the schedule.  And ofcourse, if you are returning, please register as soon as you can, and let me know once you’ve registered.
  7. Sunset scoreboard.  Sunset has told me to hold off on getting a temporary scoreboard as they said they would put up a permanent one.  Let’s hope this happens quickly.  I will keep checking with them.
  8. Cleanup – thanks all around for the cleanup help.  It’s much appreciated.

Have a great week, and see you next Sunday.  Biraj