Hello Everyone. New season is now into our 4th week, and the games look pretty good.  There are only a couple of new teams and a small number of new players, so with the large number of veterans returning, the league has been pretty stable and running well.  But as always, there a number of reminders as follows:

1) Captains – please ensure that the last monitor at Sunset takes a picture of the scoresheet and either texts it or emails it to me.   If I don’t get the sheet on Sunday evening, it’s a hard chase for me on a workday Monday morning.  Even with the best of intentions, we seem to not be able to get the scoresheet to me most weeks.  We’ve got to fix this.  I would go to Sunset to pick up the sheet, however, I’m tied up at Kerrisdale.

2) Grey/Yellow shirts — although much better, we need to get rid of these completely. Please only wear a dark shirt or a white shirt.  No greys, yellow, or light shade shirts.  I normally just pull the player(s) off, and captains should do the same

3) Sunset finish — we need to be out of Sunset by 6:30 pm at the latest.  This is a hard exit.  Games need to be finished by 6:20 pm.  If you are running late, please just shorten the game or don’t stop the clock.  Best thing to do is to set the clock to finish the game at 6:20 pm and don’t stop the clock for anything.  For example, if the second last game finished at 4:15 pm, and if the last game is about to start at 4:20 pm, just set the clock to 60 minutes and let it run out.  But the game times should allow for normal length games if we don’t waste time.

4) Some play within the key is too aggressive.  This has improved steadily over the seasons, but we need to adjust further.  Please see rules.  If you don’t have an opening, don’t go.  The bump and grind stuff doesn’t belong in this league.

5) Reminder that on offensive rebounds shot clock resets to only 15 seconds (NBA is now implementing our rule).

6) Thanks for the help at Kerrisdale.   It has helped me a lot.  Much appreciated.

7) Please ensure that unregistered players are not on your team and do not step on any court.  Also, please ensure that players play on one team only.  There is a fine if a player is caught playing for two teams.

8) Keep up the great basketball.  Captains doing a good job

Thanks   Biraj