Great games this week.  Looks like we kept pretty close to the schedule, which is great.  There was one crazy game yesterday in Div. 1 (Lomas/Patrick Chewing), where (if the score is correct) the score was 172-142.   I know the 172 isn’t a record, and neither is the combined score of 314, but it’s way up there.  The highest score record is 200 (Team Lummerland – 2007), and the combined score record is 329, recorded in the same game.

No real issues with the games, but please try your best to manage the last minute of a close game.  This applies to both team captains and monitors.  Please keep in mind the 5 second rule, and monitors, please ensure you stop the clock precisely including on out of bounds after a basket if the ball isn’t inbounded quickly.  These few seconds are important for the team that is behind.  Overall, no real issues here.  Monitors and captains are doing a terrific job so far.

One reminder – please sub in your defensive half only, and only when you have possession when you are bringing up the ball after a made basket or a rebound.  The onus is on the team wanting to sub to slow the game down to allow a good substitution where there is no advantage gained from the substitution.  Teams may also sub on a dead ball.

Have a great week and see you next Sunday.  Biraj