Hello Everyone.  Great games on Sunday.  There was potentially an issue with a team not showing up because they didn’t have enough girls, but this was resolved as the team did end up bringing whoever they had and a game was played.  In this league, a game is always played regardless of default.  If a team does not show any players, they will lose their deposit.  I will discuss this with various captains before finalizing.  Generally, the league is very good with rosters and games, so this would be a rare occurrence.

The games themselves seem excellent.  The ones that I witness at Kerrisdale are really well played, and many of these games are coming down to the wire.  One captain suggested that we incorporate a foul shot with every foul in the last minute even if we’re not in bonus, i.e., a team has reached 12 fouls.  This might be worth doing.  Perhaps every second foul, or even every foul?  I will discuss this with a few captains and see if this is worth incorporating.

Thanks to Tenacious D, MP Ballerz, Grizzlies, and Benchwarmers for playing double headers on Sunday.  These games went really smooth.  Thanks.

Playoffs – we’re two games away from our playoff round robin so there is a bit of competition for the top 6 spots in each Division.  Again, we’ll split each Division into the top 6 and the bottom 4 for the playoffs.

Thanks for helping with cleanup at Kits and Kerrisdale, and I hope that Sunset cleanup is a non issue – so far, I haven’t heard anything, so things must be good there.   Have a great week, and see you next Sunday.  Biraj