Hi Everyone.  Games seem to be going reasonably well, although there are still a few players that have not adjusted their games.  Therefore, it’s most important that captains continue to review the rules and guidance as to how to play in this league.  Please especially review the guidance notes from the recent meeting.  The games are very competitive, which is fine, however, it does increase the risk of play that is out of line with the spirit and rules of the league.  Driving in the lane where there is no clear cut path continues to be an issue.  Captains, you must break this habit on some of these players, almost all of them guys.

As far as playoffs, we’re just a few weeks away.  Div. 1 is 2 weeks away, and Divs. 2 and 3 are three weeks away.  We will split each Division into a bottom half and a top half, and do a round robin in each half.  If in any round robin it seems evident that there are clearly two top teams, we will do a final in the last week of the round robin rather than complete the round robin and have a final the following week.   We did this last season in a couple of instances, and it seemed to work well.  I’d like to try and avoid losing a week where not all players are playing if we can.

Regarding Divisional movement, there will be discretion in terms of movement between Divs 1 and 2, however, between Divs. 2 and 3, at the moment, two teams from Div. 2 will move down and two teams from Div. 3 will move up.  But… we may increase this number of teams to up to 4 – two teams for sure, but the additional one or two teams at my discretion, which I will be very careful with.  So Div. 2, please be prepared — the bottom four teams could move down.  The movement will be based on the regular season standings and the playoff standings, with more weight on the regular season standings.  I recognize that this is a new piece of information, so I will definitely discuss with the captains involved before making any decisions.  But be prepared.

Thanks to the players and teams that help with cleanup.  This is really helpful for me personally as I struggle to lift things these days.  A few teams do this routinely, and I much appreciate their help — Blaze, Contesters, and Vertically Impaired – apologies if I missed anyone.

Have a great week, and see you next Sunday.  Biraj