Hello Everyone. We are now on our way with our Fall season. Games are going well. Considering the challenges with the new environment, we are doing well. Here are some notes:

  1. Registration to new players is now closed, however, if you are stuck, please contact me. We will figure something out. Please give me some notice.
  2. Please ensure you check in with the respective community center when you arrive for your game for Covid and attendance check.
  3. Monitoring attendance is going well so far with only one missed monitoring.
  4. The Sunset divider is still down. Sunset is continuing to work on it, and I will continue to press them. The divider is affecting other programs as well.
  5. Please feel free to send me feedback so we can make adjustments as we go along.
  6. For the 31 October games, there won’t be any defaults because of Halloween, but please try to show as many players as you can. Games will still count as the schedule was set that way.

Have a great week. Biraj