Hi Everyone. We had an okay start last Sunday. The games that were played were great, however, a couple of games were cancelled because one team didn’t use the latest schedule, and another team couldn’t field a team. These games have been rescheduled, which isn’t that easy to do. The message here is that everyone (captains and other players) should individually look at the schedule this week. This minimizes the scenario where one person may have misread the schedule or went off an earlier schedule posting. Anytime there is a change in the schedule, I will email the captains to let them know. Scheduling changes are rare and are kept to a minimum.

The basketball itself is terrific, and it’s a pleasure to see this. The three Division structure continues to match teams reasonably well, so it looks like we’re in for another competitive season. But along with the basketball, we have cleanup responsibilities, which I will keep bringing up as necessary. Gym cleanup is crucial to the survival of this league in the community center system.

Registration: A couple of teams have yet to register, and I will report on this once I have the reports from all three centers.

Shirts. Teams should consider team shirts as this seems to help the basketball on the court.

Monitoring: Great job. The scorekeeping and foul tracking are going well.

Game times: We must start out games on time. If your game looks like it’s going to set the day’s schedule back, you can do things like: a) avoid timeouts, b) run the clock through timeouts, c) run the clock regardless of any reason for stoppage, except for injuries – clock always stops for injury., d) start the game right away – skip the warmup.

Cleanup: – please help with cleanup.