Good start yesterday.  Basketball was good, but several teams yet to register.  It is possible we may lose one or two teams this week.  Other notes as follows:

  1. Sunset games need to be on schedule.  I’ve sent a note out to the captains, so hopefully, we won’t have any more issues there.  Also, hopefully, some of the veteran captains like Sean (Abusement Park), Katie (Wild Rice), Rhiana (Usual Suspects), & others can ensure that Sunset runs smoothly and on time.
  2. We have a new team in Div. 3 (Bruins) who have replaced the Grizzlies. Luckily, one of the new players had enough friends to form a core, which allowed us to build a team with this core.  I will try to place some of the ex-Grizzlies onto other teams.
  3. Congratulations to Hard Tacos for winning the Fall 2016 Div. 3 title, which we played yesterday.  Congratulations also to Contesters for putting in a great effort right to the end.
  4. Thanks for the cleanup help at Kerrisdale and Kits.
  5. Please read the rules and enjoy the basketball.