Great start yesterday.  Thanks for being patient with the late game times at Kerrisdale, along with the push to get the games completed close to schedule.  It all seemed to work out, with a great finish in the last game between Soft Tacos and Contesters with Soft Tacos winning in a 2 minute overtime.  Great game rosters at Kerrisdale, which helped smoothen out the games.  Thanks to Corey (Blaze) for looking after cleanup at Kits and sending me the scores.  No big issues, but definitely a few reminders:

1) Please ditch the grey shirts.  I hate to repeat this a 100 times, but sometimes, it just doesn’t seem to register. Captains, please take control here with your team-mates.

2) Absolutely no touching the rim, i.e., no dunking. Air dunking without touching the rim is okay.  And no excuses please, i.e., “I was trying to break my fall”, “I forgot”, etc…  Any rim or backboard damage will cost us $1500, hence the primary reason for the deposits.

3) With the scoring, please always score the “white” shirted team as HOME.  This should be standard throughout the league.

4) Please show up for monitoring.  Fine is $50.  I let it pass yesterday because it was the first week, but next week onwards, the league collection agency will be out in full force.

Basketball was great yesterday.  Have a great week, and see you next Sunday.  Biraj