Good start on Sunday. Covid check-ins seemed to go okay. Next week will be the same, however, they will check the attendance sheets as well. Notes as follows (please read all).

1) Registered players only that meet the COVID guidelines you have received.

2) Please do not enter the gym more than 10 minutes before your game, and please leave right after your game.  Do not linger to socialize.  It’s pretty much play and leave.

3) No spectators.  Only people at each game should be the registered players on both teams and the assigned monitor (s)

4) Note the monitoring duties.  There won’t be a clipboard.  We will just  keep score electronically, and each captain should email or text me their game scores.

5) Games are 55 minutes.  There should be ample transition time.  Games should start right on time.  We will stay with two timeouts each, but please keep them short.

6) Please bring a dark shirt and a white shirt – no yellows, greys, or light coloured shirts like baby blue.

7) Bring your own basketball

8) No overtimes. Games can end up tied.  Games are running time.  Clock only stops for timeouts for 45 seconds.

9) The full season schedule is up

10) Penalties – Monitoring no shows – $50. Defaults – monetary amounts TBD. This one is a tough one, so I need to discuss with several captains before establishing monetary penalties. Basically, the key thing is to have a game and there needs to be enough of a roster to always have 3 guys/2 gals on court.

11) The minimum roster requirement is 10 players. This number was set to help ensure good rosters for every game and help cover the cost of the league.

12) Registration deadline has been extended to 25 September 2021