Hi Everyone

Some great games yesterday again.  Based on what I see and hear, the games are running pretty well.  However, we did have two major penalties yesterday.  One Div. 3 team used a Div. 1 player, so that team was defaulted.   The other penalty was a $50 fine for no monitor.  Please make sure you pay attention to these rules.  The one other rule that teams often do not respect is that often I’ve had to stop players from bouncing or playing with basketballs on the sidelines.  Some captains are oblivious to these house rules.  We need to get everyone following these house rules as I really do not like asking players to stop.  We’re not kids, so let’s start following our rules.  The primary reason for this house rule is to focus the attention on the game on the court and respect the ongoing game.

We’re now approaching the end of our regular season with Div. 2 having completed their regular season yesterday.  Here is the breakdown by Division.

Div. 1:  Regular season continuing with the regular season ending on 07 May.  Semis on 14 May, and finals on 28 May.  All Div. 1 teams will play until at least 14th May. Only the top 4 teams will compete for the championship.

Div. 2:  Playoff round robin starts 30th April.  As per the playoff standings on the website, the top 6 teams have been separated from the bottom 4 teams.  The top 6 teams will play a round robin to see who finishes on top.  If time permits, we will do a final game between the two top teams in the round robin.  To allow this, we may double up on our games on 14th May, or possibly play a few games Victoria Day weekend, although this is usually very difficult to do.  The bottom four teams will do a round robin, and the bottom two teams after the round robin will go down to Div. 3 in the Fall.

Div. 3:  Regular season continues until 14th May.  Semis on 28th May with finals on 04 June.

Hopefully, the above works out okay.  I know it get tougher to get players out as the weather gets better and better, so if there are opportunities to finish the season a bit earlier, we can look at that.

Have a great week, and see you next Sunday.  Biraj