Hello Everyone.  Good round of games today.  The Div. 1 and Div. 3 finals are now set.   In Div. 1, Purple Hyacks will play Lomas, and in Div. 3, Regulators will play All Day.  In the semis in Div. 1, Purple Hyacks won a close one against Wasted, Lomas won over Abusement Park.  In Div. 3, Regulators won a tight game against Ex-Grizzlies, and All Day won by an unfortunate default over Hospital Drunk.

In Div. 2, there is one more week of playoff round robin left, but it looks like Hoosiers and Patrick Chewing will face off for the final on 07th February, although I need to take a closer look and confirm.  An interesting competition has developed in Division 3B to see which two teams will avoid relegation to Div. 3.  At the moment, Titans look like they will move down, and the other team to be relegated depends on how Cold Shoulders and Butta do next week.  Very tight.

For next week, please note that some of the previous scheduling for Div. 3 exhibition games have been changed, so please ensure you follow the latest posting.

Spring 2016 Registration

Please register asap as I’ve started to organize the Divisions and begun working on a schedule.  I’m still aiming to start 14 February if I can get everyone registered.  If not, we may have to start 21st Feb.

Have a great week, and see you next Sunday.  Try and take in the Div. 1 and/or the Div. 3 finals next week.  Biraj