Hello Everyone. Just wanted to share some sad news. Hardeep Bassram, our KBL programmer at Kerrisdale for the past 5 years, passed away a few weeks ago at the age of 40. I was deeply saddened to hear this as I worked very closely with Hardeep. Hardeep was a big supporter of this league, often dropping in to watch the games at Kerrisdale. We thank him for everything he did for this league, and we send our wishes to his family. An excerpt from the note sent to me by the community center is shown below:

“Hardeep had been with the Park Board for over 12 years, beginning in 2009 at the West Point Grey Community Centre.  During his 7 years at West Point Grey he worked in many capacities as a PA3, which included oversight of the fitness centre and the Jericho Hill location.  Hardeep’ s interest in exercise and health was an inspiration to staff and patrons at WPG.  Hardeep had a way of keeping calm and troubleshooting anything that came his way, he was encouraging to others and always willing to help the WPG staff team and community.

Hardeep joined the Kerrisdale Community Centre team in 2016 as a full time Recreation Programmer specializing in Adult Sport and Fitness.  Throughout his five years at Kerrisdale it was evident that Hardeep had a passion for fitness and sport, most notably basketball. Always responsive to the feedback of the Kerrisdale faithful, he implemented progressive change and programming.   Hardeep’s true talents became apparent in his ability to develop and cultivate meaningful relationships with colleagues, staff and patrons of the community centre.   His light-hearted good nature drew people to him and his charm and charisma endeared himself to others.”