Hi Everyone.  We’re approaching the end of Fall 2017 season, with the end of the playoff round in Divs. 2 & 3 tomorrow, and the Div. 1 finals as well tomorrow.  The Divs. 2 & 3 finals will take place the following Sunday, 04 February.  So tomorrow is the last Sunday of basketball for Fall 2017 except for the Divs. 2 & 3 finals (A pool only – no consolation finals).

The Div. 1 final tomorrow is between R-Town and Wasted, the top two teams in the league.  This should be a great final as both teams have been in the finals before.  Both teams have earned their place in the finals as they’ve had to win through the main round robin and the playoff round robin.  Good luck to both teams.

The Div. 2 final is up in the air with four teams vying for the two spots – Rim Touchers, Tune Squad, Benchwarmers, and Blaze.

Similarly for the Div. 3 finals, although it does appear that Tenacious D may have one of the spots locked up – cannot confirm until tomorrow.  The three other teams in the running are Pho Real, Air Bananas, and WeTheNorthwest.

We’ve had a great Fall season, and we should have a great finish.  We now need to accelerate the registration process for Spring 2018 as the number of teams has now been finalized.  We will again have 34 teams, and again with three Divisions.  The Divisional teams will be finalized after tomorrow.  I will continue to send updates on Spring registration until registration is complete.

Thanks everyone, and have great games tomorrow.  Biraj