Hello Everyone. We have now come to the end of our Fall 2018 season with the completion of our finals yesterday. Congratulations to both the winners and finalists:

Div. 1 Champs/Runners Up: Lomas/Fusion

Div. 2 Champs/Runners Up: Dusty Soles/BBs

Div. 3: Champs/Runners Up: HCO/Tenacious D

Congratulations to everyone for a great season. Thanks to the three community centers for facilitating this league including the programmers, program assistants, building supervisors, maintenance staff, and clerks. They are very helpful to this league

The basketball has been great, although we need to do a few tweaks with a couple of teams, which I will work on. However, the structure seems to work well, so we will continue onto the Spring 2019 season. I’ve lost track of how many years this league has been in existence, but I’m sure it’s about 25 years or more. Hard to believe, but thanks to all the players, past and present. There are a few players that have been in this league for about 15-20 years – Sean (Tenacious D), Brian (Dragons), and others –I’ll have to find out who these players are as they deserve some recognition. So let’s move forward. Registration has been underway, but we have a long way to go as not many of you have registered. To those that have registered and/or sent rosters – thanks. To the others, please register as soon as possible. I hope to have a draft schedule out by this Saturday. Thanks. Biraj