Hello Everyone. We have now come to the end of another season. We had a good set of games on Sunday including 2 finals, and a champion in the Div. 1 round robin. Congrats to Lomas for winning Div. 1. Congrats also to Vancouver United for winning Div. 2 in a great game against Broken Jumpers, and for Drive Thru winning over KevNFriends in Div. 3.

It was a hard Sunday with the loss of Kobe and his daughter and the other 7 people on the chopper. I remember when Kobe joined the NBA out of high school, and I remembered him as one of those players eager to learn and destined to be one of the best. He did it. He deserves a lot of respect for who he was.

The rest of our Sunday games went very well as it seemed that all of the games were played as players chose to play.

We now move onto the Spring 2020 season, but before moving forward, I wanted to thank a few folks for a great Fall 2019 season. Thanks to the following:

  1. All the players, especially the captains.
  2. To the programmers and staff at Kerrisdale, Kits, and Sunset who facilitate this league
  3. To Brian from Dragons who helps me with the website and continues to be a key supporter of this league.
  4. To the many veteran teams who have stayed with this league for years and years
  5. To all the players that helped with little things like cleanup, monitoring assistance, and contributing to the spirit of this league

Thanks everyone, and please get registered asap – we start on 09 February