Hi Everyone.  Looked like great games yesterday, based on the ones that I saw. It was great to see the consolation games played out as well.  We have now finished the season for most players, with only the Div. 2 final and a few Div. 1 round robin games left to play.    Here is a summary by Division.


Div. 1.  Too Much Sauce will win Div. 1 based on winning the round robin.  Congratulations to Too Much Sauce.  I think this is their first KBL Championship.   Lomas and R-Town will play next week to determine who finishes second.  In Div. 1B, looks like Wild Rice will win that group.  For games not played, they are not counted as losses.  Therefore, the overall standing is based on PCT.


Div. 2.   Congratulations to Patrick Chewing and Blaze for reaching the final.  This game will be played next week.  It should be an excellent game as I think the teams match up really well.  As far as the other end of the standings, Tenacious D and Air Bananas will move back down to Div. 3, unless there is some other shuffling, i.e., top Div. 3 teams not wanting to move up.


Div. 3.  Congratulations to Vipers for winning Div. 3 over Risky Ballness.  This was a terrific game.  There was some argument near the end of the game where RB had only 13 seconds left without possession and down 3.  Players unfamiliar with our rules were trying to get back possession via intentional fouls, but that is out of the question in this league.  No intentional fouls allowed.  We are not going to get into intentional fouls and foul shooting.  It makes no sense for this league, and I think takes away from the spirit of what this league is about.  The 5 second rule will remain in place, but this rule only comes into play when the team ahead has possession with more than 20 seconds left.  Otherwise, the leading team can run out the clock.  But teams should continue to play it out and look for a steal.  Don’t give up, even if the chances are small.


Congratulations to everyone for playing through another good season.


Regarding the social, VJ told me that only a few people showed up.  This is too bad.  But thanks to VJ for putting in the effort and continuing to try to get people together. Historically, we’ve had annual socials for years and years, and with one of the early socials that Corey organized, we had about 100 people.  So things have changed, but we are going to take another crack at this.  Now with my son heading to school, I will have a bit more time to try and help pull people together.  I will work with VJ to set an event date, and as a group, we’ll make it work.  We will likely need to sell tickets well in advance.  Tentatively, we will do our social in mid February when we transition from the Fall season to the Spring season.


Thanks everyone.  The league seems to be in a transition phase, as we stabilize with some new teams and new players. It’s always important that players get to know each other as it’s a key part of making this league work.  Captains especially need to get to know each other.  Summer league may start this Sunday or next pending interest, and so far, we do need about 10 to 20 more players, either individual or a couple of teams.


Thanks again. Biraj