Hello Everyone.  Games continue to go well in general, but there are a number of things to review:

  1. Rosters.  Please ensure that all players are registered and paid for including any players beyond the 13 included in the registration fee.  Any unregistered players will automatically default a team, and the unregistered player will be removed for the season.  This can happen after the fact.
  2. Substitution.  Rule as follows:  During play, players may only sub in at their defensive end, when the team is bringing up the ball; the “sub exchange” must take place near the bench. The ball must be in the backcourt, otherwise, it is difficult for players to see who is subbing in and when. Teams may sub on offense or defense during stoppage of play anywhere on the court. Initial violation of subbing rules will result in a warning; subsequent violations will be fouls.
  3. Game flow.  There is a lot of unnecessary play including: a) trying to strip the player ball from players at the opponents defensive end when there is almost no chance of getting the ball other than mauling the player, which seems to be what’s happening – forget about it and go back and play defense.  The held ball rule favours the defensive end (not the team on defense); b) forcefully and aggressively tying up the ball – it’s almost like a WWF sometimes.  The moment the ball is tied up, that’s it – the ball goes to the defensive end.  There is no need for a tug of war. c) chatter – cheering is fine and encouraged, but making calls from the bench doesn’t help. d) contact near the basket – some of the play is just too physical – just bring the ball back out and start over to try and find another route. e) defensive position – many players just don’t have good position on defense – they either crowd the offensive player, or they are not aligned with the movement of the offensive player – there would be a lot of defensive fouls called – try and adjust.
  4. League spirit is great.   There is some great effort all around.  Very encouraging and impressive.
  5. Div. 1 playoffs begin next week.  Div. 1 has been split into a top half and a bottom half with the top half competing to get to the finals.  At the moment, I’m not sure if we’ll just take the top two teams from the respective round robin, or maybe do a semi (1 vs. 4, and 2 vs. 3) and a final.  Let’s see how things go.  Either way, it’s important to try and finish as high as possible.
  6. Div. 2 and 3 playoffs will start in a couple of weeks with each Division split into a top half and a bottom half.  We’ll do a round robin in each half, which means 5 weeks of games.  Only the top two in the top half will play the finals in each Division.  The bottom half final standings will be decided by the round robin.  In Div.2, the top four teams in the bottom half will stay in Div. 2, while the bottom two teams will move to Div. 3.  In the Div. 3 top half, the top two teams will move up to Div. 2.  The bottom half of Div. 3 will simply play for final standings.
  7. Sunset scoreclock.  Sunset is unlikely to replace the broken electronic scoreboard.  They are asking us to get our own scoreboard.  I may buy a portable electronic scoreboard.  I will survey the captains to see if each team might be willing contribute a minor portion of their deposit towards this purchase – maybe $10 to $20.  I’m not sure yet, but it looks like if we don’t get it ourselves, it’s not going to happen.

Enjoy the week, and see you on Sunday.  Biraj