Hi Everyone.  Sorry for the late update as I was away last week for work.  I have now updated the standings, which I will try to keep updated each week soon after the games.  Games went off reasonably well last week.  There were three defaults, but these won’t count as it was our first week.  Let’s see how things go today.   The games themselves seemed to go very well from the comments I received from various captains.  As far as registration, we had one Div. 3 team (Homeland Security) drop out at the last minute, so I’m scrambling to put together a new team.  So far, I’ve got about 5 or 6 players.  If you have any extra players looking for a team, let me know.  Also, a couple of teams are also looking to round out their rosters.  Otherwise, roster sizes look good.  Registration payments are all in now, which is great.  One or two rosters need to be updated, but otherwise, please keep your rosters updated.  It’s very important that all players who play are registered (exceptions with the players on this new team I’m trying to form) – if you need some flexibility, please check with me – we’ll work something out.

Thanks to Brian (Soft Tacos) and the various captains for dealing with the scores and scoresheets – much appreciated.

Game times – please try and stay as close to the scheduled game times as possible.  It’s important to keep the games at 60 minutes, so if you’re running late, please compromise elsewhere such as fewer timeouts and short warmups.

Thanks everyone, and see you later today.  Biraj