Hi Everyone.


Welcome to another season of KBL Coed Basketball.  Great games so far.  Teams are well organized, and the play that I’ve seen has been pretty good.  Unfortunately, we’ve had a couple of monitoring no shows already, for which I’ve had to impose our standard $50 fine for each no show.  Please note that the fines don’t solve the issue. We really need teams to show monitors, otherwise, it interferes with the operation of the league.


As this league has been around for a long time (22 years), there are a lot of veterans who form the backbone of this league.  This year, one of our longest standing veterans has moved away from Vancouver, which is a loss to this league.  Brian Hansford from Blaze has been in this league for about 20 years, maybe a bit more.  It’s amazing that he’s hung in there for so long, but family calls.  Blaze and Rim Touchers played a special game on 10 September in recognition of Brian’s dedication, commitment, and support to this league.  Thanks Brian. – hopefully, see you back in the league in the near future.


Beyond long standing veterans like Brian, there are many “about 10 year” veterans who continue to provide stability to this league, especially with the new players.  Each season, we seem to turnover about 2 or 3 teams, which means about 20 to 30 new players each season, not counting individual additions to teams.  So with about 400 players in the league, we’re turning over about 6 to 8% of players, which is pretty stable.  Thanks.


To allow smooth operation of this league, here are some reminders:


  1. No grey shirts.  All teams should try and get reversibles.
  2. Games start as to close to on time as we can, especially the first game at each center.
  3. Please do not enter any of the gyms until your designated times.  At Kerrisdale, it’s 12:50 pm.  At Kits, I think it’s 12:55 pm.  And at Sunset, I think it’s 1:30 pm.
  4. Please cleanup all liquid bottles and garbage including yours after your games.
  5. Please help with cleanup after the last game if you are the one of the two last teams.
  6. If issues arise during a game, captains should call a league timeout and resolve the issue before moving on.  These time outs need to be brief as we’re on a schedule.
  7. Benches at the defensive ends of respective teams.
  8. When subbing, the sub exchange should ideally happen near the bench, and the substitution must happen before the ball crosses half court.  Once the ball crosses half court, you must wait till your team has possession again at your defensive end.  Teams cannot gain any advantage with the subbing, otherwise, the play is called back.
  9. Enjoy the games.


Our divisional structures seems to be fairly balanced.  We’ll sort out playoff structures as we get closer to the regular season round robin.  More than likely, we will split each Division into an upper half and bottom half and run a playoff round robin.  There may be finals between the two top teams, or we may just declare a winner and runner up based on the playoff round robin.  We’ll decide later.


See you Sunday.  Biraj