Hi Everyone

The latest schedule and standings are up.   All three Divisional finals are next week along with a variety of Consolation games, 3rd Place, and Pool finals.  Three teams were not able to play next week (Islanders, PWC Warriors, & Contesters), so these teams along with their opponents have not been scheduled.  In one case, I’ve scheduled an interdivisional exhibition game between WeTheNorthwest and Wild Rice.  Please note the game times.  As mentioned at the start of the season, the finalists in Div. 2 and Div. 3 will move up a Division for the Fall.

The Div. 2 Relegation round is down to the last two games next week.  The bottom two teams in the relegation round will move down to Div. 3.  It’s going to come down to the two games next Sunday.

League Social:  Thanks to Corey and VJ for coordinating the social.  Apologies for not making it as I was tied up with my little guy.  Hopefully, the social went as well as it always does, and it’s important for the league to have these socials.  So thanks to Corey, VJ, and all who attended.  I understand the numbers were around 35 to 40, which is great.

We’re down to our last Sunday of the Spring league, and it’s been a pleasure this season.  We have hardly had issues, except I ran into some heated last games last week, which caught me completely off guard.  There are 2 or 3 difficult players in this league, and I’m dealing with the captains of these players.  But the bright side is much brighter than the dim side.  Enjoy the beginning of June, and see most of you for the finals on Sunday.

Forgot to mention.  A quick thanks to the two players from Contesters that helped me cleanup at Kerrisdale last Sunday.  They restored the league spirit after witnessing a not so happy last game. Thanks. Biraj