Hello Everyone.  I’ve posted the latest scores and playoff standings.  I have also sorted out the situation in each of the Sub Divisions (or Groups), i.e. 1A, 2B, etc..    So, here we go.


Div. 1A:   R-Town beat Purple Hyacks for the championship.   Looks like it was a great game between two teams who seem to get to the finals often.   Here is a note from the monitor: The final was very well played with many lead changes. It was super exciting right down to the last few minutes when R Town pulled away and solidified their spot as the champs of Div 1!”   This means that Div. 1A is done until 19th February.


Div. 1B:  Islanders and Patrick Chewing will move down to Div. 2 since they finished at the bottom of Div. 1B.  This means that Div. 1B is done until 19th February


Div. 2A:  All Day and PWC Warriors will play for the Div. 2 championship, regardless of any outcomes from any 18th December makeup games.  There wasn’t any scenario where these two teams don’t finish in the top two.  The finals are slated for 1pm on 05 Feb 2017 at Kits.  The rest of the teams in Div. 2A are done until 19th February.


Div. 2B:  The goal of the Div. 2 round robin was to determine which two teams would move down to Div. 3.   Grizzlies and WeTheNorthwest finished in the last two spots and will move down to Div. 3.  Div. 2B is done until 19th February.  Blaze narrowly escapes being bumped to Div. 3.


Div. 3A:  Contesters and Hard Tacos will play the final either on 05 February at 1pm at Kerrisdale.  There wasn’t any scenario where these two teams would not finish in the top two spots.  Contesters and Hard Tacos will move up to Div. 2 next season.  The rest of Div. 3A is done until 19th February.


Div. 3B:  The round robin is complete.  Tenacious D will take top spot.  Div. 3B is done until 19th February


If any teams, other than the Div. 2 and 3 finalists, are interested in playing 12th February, let me know.  I cannot promise anything.  I will only open up gym time if registration is complete, so the odds of getting gym time isn’t that great, but let me know.

Hopefully, some of you can make it out to watch the Div. 2 or Div. 3 finals this Sunday.

Our Spring season starts 19th February so we need to get registration completed asap.  The deadline is 7th February, which would allow me a bit of time to draft and distribute a schedule for review.

For many of you, I won’t see you until 19th February, so enjoy this stretch.  For others, I will either see you this Sunday or 12th February.  Biraj