18 Nov 2014 Update

Hello Everyone.  Great games on Sunday.  There was potentially an issue with a team not showing up because they didn’t have enough girls, but this was resolved as the team did end up bringing whoever they had and a game was played.  In this league, a game is always played regardless of default.  If a(…)

03 November 2014 Update

Hi Everyone.  Great games again on Sunday.  A few terrific ones.  The game between Hoosiers/Vertically Impaired was won at the buzzer by a 2 point shot by Hoosiers – I watched it – very exciting.  With 6 seconds left in a tie game with Hoosiers inbounding the ball, Hoosiers managed to put up a shot(…)

22 October 2014 Update

Hi Everyone.  Games continue to go well.  Believe it or not, we are almost at half way in the regular season.  Games are very competitive and reasonably well managed.  The standings are now starting to take shape.  Div. 1 and Div. 3 standings are a bit polarized, while Div. 2 seems to be fairly even. (…)

09 October 2014

We had our first meeting in a long time on Wed. evening.  Good turnout, and thanks to the players that attended – very helpful to the league: Jordan (Purple Hyacks), Claude (Titans), Brian (Soft Tacos), Brian (Blaze), Corey (Blaze), Sean (Abusement Park), Mary (Hoop-la), Tiffany (Nashty), Ned (Rim Touchers), Ryan (Jammers), Tyler (Butta), R-Town, Jackson(…)

28 Sept. 2014

Hi Everyone.  Sorry for the late update as I was away last week for work.  I have now updated the standings, which I will try to keep updated each week soon after the games.  Games went off reasonably well last week.  There were three defaults, but these won’t count as it was our first week. (…)

09 June 2014 Update – Part 2

Hi Everyone.  Just a quick update on prizes as follows: Div. 1 — $75 gift certificate to Colony Pub to both teams.  Plus KBL Tshirts to winners.  Plus refreshments from Brian (Blaze) Div.2 – $75 gift certificate to Colony Pub to both teams.  Plus KBL gold medals to winners and silver to finalist.  Plus refreshments(…)

09 June 2014 Update

Hello Everyone, Great finish yesterday.  Congratulations to Hyacks for winning Div. 1 and the league.  Congratulations to Wild Rice for winning Div. 2, and congratulations to Los Locos for winning Div. 3.  And congratulations to Small Town Kids, Baraj, and Tenacious D for making the finals in their respective Divisions.  Baraj was unlucky yesterday as(…)

02 June 2014 Update

Hello everyone. Great finish to the “A” playoff round yesterday. Some very competitive games. Great game between Los Locos and Cold Shoulders. — The finals are now set. In Div. 1, Small Town Kids will play Hyacks, two new teams in the “prestigious” (?) KBL finals. In Div. 2, Wild Rice will play Baraj, also(…)