28 May 2014 Update

Hi Everyone. Sorry for the delay in sending this update. Although it’s getting harder for some teams to field full teams as we approach summer, and also because we’ve had a couple of long weekends, we’re still doing very well as a league. Good playoff games on the weekend. As of last Sunday, all the(…)

06 May Update

Hello Everyone, Great games on Sunday, but two defaults, one due to a NM (no monitor). We can’t have this, and we shouldn’t have this because we really need to ensure that there is always a game. This league is all about ensuring a game, so please make sure you do not default. I will(…)

28 April 2014 Update

Hello Everyone.  Good set of games on Sunday.  The games seemed well played, and great job with the monitoring.  We’re on our way with the playoffs, and each week we will get closer to seeing which teams could win their respective Divisions.  Reminder that no new players can enter the league.  Teams bringing in new(…)

15 April Update

Great games on Sunday, except for a couple of defaults.   We’ve now completed our regular season.  Congratulations to all players for a fairly smooth regular season.  I should comment here that Div. 3 made it through with no defaults, while Div. 2 had 3 defaults, and Div. 1 had 2 defaults – congratulations to all(…)

07 April Update

Hi Everyone. Scores and Standings: The standings are updated, however, the scores have yet to be updated because of a glitch in the web posting process – I will update as soon as possible.   Games were great except for a couple of defaults, one due to “No Monitor”, and the other due to a team(…)

KBL Notes – 24 March 2014

Generally, the games are going well, however, some items need attention – items you’ve heard about before. 1)      Garbage/Recycle:  Although many teams and players are being responsible (thank you!), there are still too many occurrences where garbage/recycles are not being picked up.  Yesterday at Kits, I picked up a lot garbage in the stands –(…)

KBL Social

Thanks to Corey (from Blaze), we’re going to have a social this year.  For those of you who don’t know Corey, Corey has coordinated our socials for years, and they’ve always been successful.  This year, we’re thrilled to have support from Kalisha (from Usual Suspects) who manages Colony Bar and has offered us some special(…)

11 March Update

Hi Everyone.  Good set of games on Sunday and Saturday.  We had a busy weekend of games as we made up a game from 16th Feb. (Tenacious D/Cold Shoulders), and played two out of fiver 06 April games, which needed to be rescheduled because of the floor waxing scheduled for that day.  We will probably(…)