Summary of 29 October 2017 League Meeting

Hi Everyone.  Thanks to the following people for attending the meeting.   Attendees  Katie (Wild Rice), Andrew (Monstars), Kira (Hard Tacos), Mike (Blaze), Sean (Abusement Park), Phil (Vertically Impaired), Julian (Goon Squad  ), Kara (Risky Ballness), Tyler (Butta), Claude (Titans), David (Air Bananas), Chris (BBs), Brian (Dragons).   Excellent meeting.   Biraj gave a brief(…)

30 September 2017

Hi Everyone.   Welcome to another season of KBL Coed Basketball.  Great games so far.  Teams are well organized, and the play that I’ve seen has been pretty good.  Unfortunately, we’ve had a couple of monitoring no shows already, for which I’ve had to impose our standard $50 fine for each no show.  Please note(…)

11 May 2017

Hi Everyone, As in the past, all games are on this Sunday, 14 May, Mother’s Day.  However, no defaults will be applied – only wins and losses.  But please ensure you show up for monitoring as the penalties for monitoring no shows still apply.  It’s hard to skip Mother’s Day because we skip Superbowl Sunday. (…)

01 May 2017

Hi Everyone.  I sent the following emails out to the captains yesterday and this morning. Please review and discuss amongst yourselves.  Thanks.  Biraj Hello Captains.  I need you guys to make sure that no new players or unregistered players step onto the court.  It’s impossible for me to check on this, so I really have(…)

24 April 2017

Hi Everyone Some great games yesterday again.  Based on what I see and hear, the games are running pretty well.  However, we did have two major penalties yesterday.  One Div. 3 team used a Div. 1 player, so that team was defaulted.   The other penalty was a $50 fine for no monitor.  Please make sure(…)

09 April 2017

Hello Everyone.  No games at Kerrisdale today, but all Kits and Sunset games are on.  The floor is being refinished, so we will have a nice floor at Kerrisdale for the balance of the season.  Note that the roster deadline is today.  Also, please note that we are off next Sunday for Easter.  We have(…)

27 March 2017

Hello Everyone.  The games seem to be going quite well.  Play is very competitive in each Division, and the game issues seem to be at a minimal.  Monitoring is great, and the cleanup help is much appreciated.  Let’s keep going as we gradually approach the end of the regular season several weeks from now –(…)

06 March 2017

Great games yesterday.  Smooth all around.  Thanks for cleanup help at Kerrisdale and Kits.  Also, I’m assuming Sunset cleanup worked out fine. Standings look pretty interesting.  Div. 1 and Div. 3 are polarized while Div. 2 is fairly even.  Also, most interesting is that Div. 3 is scoring more points than Div. 2 on average.(…)

20 Feb. 2017

Good start yesterday.  Basketball was good, but several teams yet to register.  It is possible we may lose one or two teams this week.  Other notes as follows: Sunset games need to be on schedule.  I’ve sent a note out to the captains, so hopefully, we won’t have any more issues there.  Also, hopefully, some(…)

31 January 2017

Hello Everyone.  I’ve posted the latest scores and playoff standings.  I have also sorted out the situation in each of the Sub Divisions (or Groups), i.e. 1A, 2B, etc..    So, here we go.   Div. 1A:   R-Town beat Purple Hyacks for the championship.   Looks like it was a great game between two teams who seem(…)