16 January 2017

Hi Everyone.  Good games continue.  See notes below: I hear there was a quadruple overtime game in Div. 2A yesterday with Titans winning over The Basketball Team.  Even though this delayed the subsequent games, this is exciting and not an issue.   If we do end up in any situation where we are delayed for whatever(…)

09 January 2017

Welcome back.  Good set of games yesterday.  We continue with playoffs in all Divisions with some very close games.  So far so good.  I saw a few terrific games yesterday. Some notes as follows: 1)Div. 1 teams need to get me the score faster.  I seem to have to chase them fairly often 2) Registration(…)

KBL Pul Night

Hi Everyone.  VJ from Hard Tacos has booked some space at The Bimini (2010 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7) for a league holiday party for Friday Dec 16th at 8:00 pm.   Normally, we have our annual KBL social in Feb/March, so this is a very casual event where VJ has simply picked a(…)

28 Nov. 2016

Hello Everyone.  Games continue to go well in general, but there are a number of things to review: Rosters.  Please ensure that all players are registered and paid for including any players beyond the 13 included in the registration fee.  Any unregistered players will automatically default a team, and the unregistered player will be removed(…)

UBC “Mom & Me” night

Hi Everyone.  One of the top veteran players in the league (Div. 1) and current Assistant Coach – UBC Women’s Basketball, Carrie Watts, is part of a group hosting a ‘Mom and Me’ night for girls in grades 5-11 .  The focus is on the value of sports for developing leadership and confidence.  There are(…)

06 Nov. 2016

Not a smooth Sunday of bball.  A bunch of issues.  But we still managed to have many good games, so let’s just try and get all the games going well.  Comments as follows: Children – It’s okay to bring kids to the game, but please make sure they are stationary and with an adult.  Also,(…)

01 November 2016

Good games continue.  Notes as follows: Reminder to bring only dark and white shirts. Grey is not dark. The following note was sent to all captains regarding sideline activity during games: Hello Everyone.  This is a message to all teams that play at Sunset (almost all Div. 1 for now).  I have not been able(…)

23 October 2016

Good games continue.  Just a few comments: Subbing.  Please ensure you sub in before the ball crosses halfcourt.  If your team-mate decides to speedily cross half, you must wait till your next possession.  Team-mates need to work together to ensure a fair substitution. Please keep the 5 second rule in mind.  The more you know(…)

17 October 2017

Great games this week.  Looks like we kept pretty close to the schedule, which is great.  There was one crazy game yesterday in Div. 1 (Lomas/Patrick Chewing), where (if the score is correct) the score was 172-142.   I know the 172 isn’t a record, and neither is the combined score of 314, but it’s way(…)

First week

Reasonable start.  There were some good points and some not so good points that we need to work on.  But overall, there was a great turnout to the games and lots of energy. Good points Lots of energy Great rosters Games seemed to go on time Some players and teams very helpful with cleanup –(…)