06 June 2016

Hello Everyone.  Great finish yesterday.  Here are the champs.  All the finals were well played, although the Div. 2 final was a bit testy.  Each team in the finals received a brand new Baden Elite basketball, with the winners getting the coveted respective league trophy, each of which has a lot of history to it,(…)

31 May 2016

Hi Everyone The latest schedule and standings are up.   All three Divisional finals are next week along with a variety of Consolation games, 3rd Place, and Pool finals.  Three teams were not able to play next week (Islanders, PWC Warriors, & Contesters), so these teams along with their opponents have not been scheduled.  In one(…)

09 May 2016

Hi Everyone.  The latest scores and standings are now posted.  As challenging as Mother’s Day is for league games, things worked out very well as almost all the games were played without default.  Div. 2 has now completed their regular season, so they will begin their playoffs next week.  All playoff matchups will be shown(…)

02 May 2016

Hello Everyone.  Four defaults yesterday – very unusual.  All of these could probably have been avoided had I been made aware that teams were going to be short players or not showing up.  Not showing up is an issue on it’s own as there are significant penalties for this.  I’m assuming events of the day(…)

28 April 2016 – KBL Social

Hi Everyone.  Looks like we’re going to have a social this year thanks to Corey (our perennial social coordinator from Blaze) and VJ (captain of Hard Tacos).  Info as follows: Event:  KBL Social – 21 years and Growing Date:  Saturday May 28, 2016 from 7pm til late Where: The Bimini (Donnelly Group) – 2010 W(…)

11 April 2016

Hello Everyone.  We are steadily proceeding through our season with reasonably good games.  Notes as follows: Although games are good, some of the on court play is a bit rough for an open, running style league.  Please open up the games a bit more.  The play is a bit rough particularly in the post with(…)

14 March 2016

Hello Everyone.  Games continue to go well.  Cleanup and monitoring are also going very well.  One issue that did pop up is that some of the Div. 1 players are playing around with the rules and implementing their own versions.  We have to stop this.  For example, there is no limit to the number of(…)

29 Feb. 2016

Hello Everyone.  Great games yesterday.  Thanks again to Christine for pulling together the Chillax team to replace Cold Shoulders and round out Div. 2.  No big issues with the games, however, a number of small items to take care: 1) Please ensure that players do not wear grey or light coloured shirts.  It’s either a(…)

19 Feb. 2016

Hello Everyone.  Please see notes below sent to captains this week.   19 Feb. 2016 Hello Captains. Just a short note with a few guidelines for Sunset. Since it’s often too difficult for me to go to Sunset, I rely on the players at Sunset to manage the gym and games. Here are a few(…)