12 November 2015

Hello Everyone.   Games continue to go well.  Thanks for the ongoing monitoring and cleanup.  I want to especially thank Phil and his Hospital Drunk team-mate for their exceptional help last Sunday at Kerrisdale as they almost did the entire cleanup including putting back the mats, hockey nets, and scorer table.  They didn’t leave me much(…)

06 November 2015

Hello Everyone.  Just a short update.  Games continue to go well, so please keep this up.  Cleanup needs a bit more attention, but it’s not bad. Also, I wanted to continue to encourage teams to get uniforms because it does make a difference.  One more item — I sent an email out to the captains(…)

26 October 2015

Great games again yesterday based on the few games that I watched and feedback from players.  We’re now at the halfway point in the first round robin for all three Divisions – Div. 1 – we’re a bit past halfway.  So far, there don’t appear to be any real issues, with most players, if not(…)

05 October 2015

Hi Everyone.  Reasonably good  games yesterday.  I know the two cancelled games caused some monitoring issues, so sorry about that.  We’re now three games into the season, and well underway.  I haven’t had a chance to watch all the teams yet, but I will start making my rounds.  Although some of the games are smooth,(…)

KBL Finals

We had a great set of finals today.  In Div. 1, Lomas won a one point game over R-Town.  The game came right down to the wire with R-Town having an opportunity to tie the game on a foul shoot with 2 seconds left.  However, there was some confusion with the situation, but nevertheless, played(…)

31 May Playoff Update

Hi Everyone. Great games yesterday – a few key games, all of which were really well played. The final playoff standings are now posted, and the Divisional matchups are also posted. As mentioned previously, only the finalists will play next week.  However, there will be drop-in at Kerrisdale from 1pm to 4pm – for league(…)