02 Mar 2015 Update

Great games yesterday.  The last two games at Kerrisdale had exciting finishes.  The game between Scorpions/All Day came down to a 5 second play, which had to be redone because of confusion about a made shot.  On the redo, All Day came up short, this giving Scorpions the win.  Great finish.  In the game between(…)

Car break in at Kerrisdale

Hi Everyone. One of the players at Kerrisdale yesterday had his car broken into and items stolen while parked in the gym parking lot. The break-in happened around 5:30 pm to 7pm. If anyone saw anything suspicious, please let me know. I, myself, confronted someone in the parking lot at around 6:30pm, and I wouldn’t(…)

20 Feb. 2015

Hi Everyone. We had an okay start last Sunday. The games that were played were great, however, a couple of games were cancelled because one team didn’t use the latest schedule, and another team couldn’t field a team. These games have been rescheduled, which isn’t that easy to do. The message here is that everyone(…)

08 Feb. 2015

Great set of finals tonight. The games were extremely well matched and extremely well played.  I commend the captains, the players, and the two monitors.  Congratulations to R-Town for winning Div. 1 and the overall KBL Championships, Benchwarmers for winning Div. 2, and Rim Touchers for winning Div. 3.  There  were gift certificates for all(…)

26 January 2015

Hi Everyone.  Good finish to the playoff round robin.  All that is left now is the finals. Everyone else is finished until the new season starts on 15th February.  For the finals, congratulations to Purple Hyacks and R-Town (Div. 1), Nashty and Benchwarmers (Div. 2), and Rim Touchers and MP Ballerz (Div. 3).   All three(…)

January 19, 2015

Hi Everyone.  Great playoff games.  The round robin structure seems to be working with closely matched games for the most part.  The A Pools in each Division have one more playoff round robin game left next week.  The top two teams in each Pool will then play the following week (08th Feb.) for the championship(…)

December 15, 2014

Hello everyone.  Great games on Sunday.  I had a chance to drop in at all three centers yesterday, and everything seemed to go pretty well.  I want to thank Corey (Blaze) for her diligence with cleanup at Kits and her overall commitment to the league.  Kits was spotless when I left it after the last(…)