Hi Everyone. One of the players at Kerrisdale yesterday had his car broken into and items stolen while parked in the gym parking lot. The break-in happened around 5:30 pm to 7pm. If anyone saw anything suspicious, please let me know. I, myself, confronted someone in the parking lot at around 6:30pm, and I wouldn’t let this person in the gym. Perhaps this guy was involved in the theft? I’m guessing, more than likely. My apologies to the player that this happened.

Going forward, please avoid leaving valuables in your car when playing your game. Also, please try to be mindful of the parking lot environment in case you see anything suspicious. It’s rare that we have car break-ins, but they do happen from time to time. I try to walk out to the parking lot here and there, but the thieves have their own schedule. Also, please do not leave your gym bags near the door during play. We’ve had a couple of instances in the past where someone walked in the door and grabbed whatever bag was nearest to the door. Generally, Kerrisdale and Kitsilano are fairly safe environments (don’t know about the Sunset neighbourhood, but I assume not that bad either). Also, after 5:30 pm, please only use the west gym door at Kerrisdale to come in and out of the gym. Please do not use any other Kerrisdale community center entrances including the the east gym door, which I prefer to be closed for security reasons. Thanks. Biraj