28 January 2020

Hello Everyone. We have now come to the end of another season. We had a good set of games on Sunday including 2 finals, and a champion in the Div. 1 round robin. Congrats to Lomas for winning Div. 1. Congrats also to Vancouver United for winning Div. 2 in a great game against Broken(…)

26 January 2020

Hi everyone.  I’m just in transit and heard the news about Kobe. Out of respect, I leave it up to the players if they would like to show up to the games or not. I will try to reschedule any key games next week.  Such a heartbreaking loss for basketball and the community of people(…)

25 January 2020

Hi Everyone.  It’s our final Sunday of bball for the Fall 2019 season tomorrow.  Just a few notes for tomorrow and for the upcoming season:1) Spirit of the league.  It’s important for everyone to keep in mind that we are a program within the Vancouver Community Center network.  This means that we need to play(…)

10 June 2019

Hello Everyone. We have now come to the end of our Spring 2019 season. The scores have been updated. Congratulations to everyone for playing, especially the Divisional winners and finalists. The Div. 2 final last night was a terrific game with Tenacious D winning a close one over Titans. The game came down to the(…)

03 June 2019

Hello Everyone. Good set of games yesterday. The Div. 3 final was well played with Pho Real winning over KevNFriends. Both these teams will move up to Div. 2 next season. The Div. 2 semis were a bit inconsistent with a couple of defaults, which in unfortunate for the respective group semis. Nevertheless, we’re going(…)

11 March 2019

Hi Everyone.  We’re now a few weeks into the season, and the new teams and new players have had time to adjust to the design of this league.  The games themselves seem pretty competitive at all levels, which is okay, as long as we manage them well and maintain a friendliness and good spirit.  A(…)

14 Feb. 2019

Hello Everyone. A rough start to the Spring 2019 season with the hoop issue at Kits gym and the weather for our 10 Feb. opening Sunday games. Nevertheless, we got a few games in, and some more games will get made up on 17 Feb. We should be back to our regular schedule on 24(…)

28 Jan. 2019

Hello Everyone. We have now come to the end of our Fall 2018 season with the completion of our finals yesterday. Congratulations to both the winners and finalists: Div. 1 Champs/Runners Up: Lomas/Fusion Div. 2 Champs/Runners Up: Dusty Soles/BBs Div. 3: Champs/Runners Up: HCO/Tenacious D Congratulations to everyone for a great season. Thanks to the(…)

16 October 2018

Hello Everyone. New season is now into our 4th week, and the games look pretty good.  There are only a couple of new teams and a small number of new players, so with the large number of veterans returning, the league has been pretty stable and running well.  But as always, there a number of(…)

28 May 2018

Hi Everyone.  Looked like great games yesterday, based on the ones that I saw. It was great to see the consolation games played out as well.  We have now finished the season for most players, with only the Div. 2 final and a few Div. 1 round robin games left to play.    Here is(…)