07 May 2018

Hi Everyone All Divisions are now into playoffs.  Div. 1 will continue with their playoff round robins, while Divs 2 & 3 will start their playoffs next Sunday.  I’ve posted the latest scores and standings, so please review them quickly in case I have to adjust them.  With Div. 2, there is a large cluster(…)

12 April 2018

Hi Everyone.  A quick update.  Many of the games are going very well, and they are certainly competitive.  However, please continue to develop the friendliness of the games.  It will really help the games, and you will enjoy the games more.   Please try to get to know your opponents, and captains should certainly know each(…)

05 March 2018

Hi Everyone.  Most games are okay so far, however, we’ve had a number of issues that we must deal with quickly before things get worse.  As some of you know, this league has been around for about 23 years – I never intended to run a league – it just happened  – I started a(…)

05 February 2018

Hi Everyone.  Fall 2017 season has now come to an end with the two finals yesterday.  In Div. 2, Tune Squad won a terrific game 62-60 against Rim Touchers. The game came down to a 5 second play, which ended up in a long three pointer that missed.  In Div. 3, Tenacious D led pretty(…)

27 January 2018

Hi Everyone.  We’re approaching the end of Fall 2017 season, with the end of the playoff round in Divs. 2 & 3 tomorrow, and the Div. 1 finals as well tomorrow.  The Divs. 2 & 3 finals will take place the following Sunday, 04 February.  So tomorrow is the last Sunday of basketball for Fall(…)

19 November 2017

Hi Everyone.  Games seem to be going reasonably well, although there are still a few players that have not adjusted their games.  Therefore, it’s most important that captains continue to review the rules and guidance as to how to play in this league.  Please especially review the guidance notes from the recent meeting.  The games(…)

Summary of 29 October 2017 League Meeting

Hi Everyone.  Thanks to the following people for attending the meeting.   Attendees  Katie (Wild Rice), Andrew (Monstars), Kira (Hard Tacos), Mike (Blaze), Sean (Abusement Park), Phil (Vertically Impaired), Julian (Goon Squad  ), Kara (Risky Ballness), Tyler (Butta), Claude (Titans), David (Air Bananas), Chris (BBs), Brian (Dragons).   Excellent meeting.   Biraj gave a brief(…)

30 September 2017

Hi Everyone.   Welcome to another season of KBL Coed Basketball.  Great games so far.  Teams are well organized, and the play that I’ve seen has been pretty good.  Unfortunately, we’ve had a couple of monitoring no shows already, for which I’ve had to impose our standard $50 fine for each no show.  Please note(…)

11 May 2017

Hi Everyone, As in the past, all games are on this Sunday, 14 May, Mother’s Day.  However, no defaults will be applied – only wins and losses.  But please ensure you show up for monitoring as the penalties for monitoring no shows still apply.  It’s hard to skip Mother’s Day because we skip Superbowl Sunday. (…)

01 May 2017

Hi Everyone.  I sent the following emails out to the captains yesterday and this morning. Please review and discuss amongst yourselves.  Thanks.  Biraj Hello Captains.  I need you guys to make sure that no new players or unregistered players step onto the court.  It’s impossible for me to check on this, so I really have(…)