Reasonable start.  There were some good points and some not so good points that we need to work on.  But overall, there was a great turnout to the games and lots of energy.

Good points

  1. Lots of energy
  2. Great rosters
  3. Games seemed to go on time
  4. Some players and teams very helpful with cleanup – ICONS fans and Blaze particularly.  Others too.
  5. High level all around

Not so good points

  1. One of the games was very testy.  It had to be stopped a couple of times and ended a few minutes early.  But I don’t think this was a reflection of the rest of the games.  Players chatted with each other after the game, which was good.
  2. Missed monitoring.  Let’s get this back on track.
  3. Cleanup.  A couple of the teams at Kerrisdale left a mess after their game.  I had to cleanup.

Take away

Please follow the rules, but at the same time, please be conscious of the tone and spirit of how you follow the rules.  Please try to maintain flow, and you will find you will enjoy the games more.  The key thing is to smoothen out the foul calling and contests.  These calls can be done respectfully and not loudly.  There is no problem with many fouls being called.  That’s just part of the game.  It’s more how we handle them.  Focus more on running and shooting.  Besides the one “not so good game” – Div. 3 game, I saw a few excellent games – The Blaze/The Basketball Team game was a real good one.

One housekeeping point — please no jewelry at all — guys and gals.

Enjoy the week and see you Sunday.  Biraj