Hello Captains. I just got discharged home from the hospital after bypass surgery, and it was pretty upsetting coming home to this email from Kits. With all the responsible people in the league and offers of help, I’m amazed that we still can’t pick up garbage and recycles – it’s just nonsense. If I have to, I will taxi over and coordinate the garbage myself (although I’m not allowed to move for 12 weeks).

The rules with garbage are as follows:

1) Each player is responsible for all garbage – not just their own. Recycles as well

2) Kids must be with a parent or person looking after them when in the gym.Preferably, kids are outside the gym.

3) All the garbage in the gym needs be removed by the end of the evening — all of it – you clean the gym!

If the garbage isn’t cleaned up next Sunday, I will shut down the league the week after until I return. Thanks. Biraj