Generally, the games are going well, however, some items need attention – items you’ve heard about before.

1)      Garbage/Recycle:  Although many teams and players are being responsible (thank you!), there are still too many occurrences where garbage/recycles are not being picked up.  Yesterday at Kits, I picked up a lot garbage in the stands – food wrappers, removed athletic tape (what …. athlete discards their ankle tape bandaging and just leaves it there for others to pick up!! – we don’t have athletic trainers to pick up after our KBL professionals!), water bottles – many of them, chip bags, coke cans (they still sell this stuff?), etc…    In case you weren’t aware, there is absolutely no food and drink allowed in the gyms, and this includes spectators.  If you see someone eating in the gym, please tell them politely to take it outside.  Monitors are sometimes the worst culprits as they will eat while monitoring.  We’ve got to get this garbage/recycling under control.  I just don’t have it in me to police this.  I operate on the assumption that we’re all responsible adults, and if we’re not, we have to change.  Please ensure you clean up after your game, whether it’s your garbage, or whether the garbage was left there by others before you.

2)     Kids in the gym:  Please ensure that any kids in the gym are stationery, and if they’re very young, they need to be with an adult.  We cannot have kids running around the sidelines or in the stands.  These are not play areas.

3)     Rules: Almost all captains know the rules either really well or quite well, however, there are many players who don’t know the rules.  Please review the rules – thoroughly.

4)     Kits game times:  The Kits games are a squeeze to allow the last game to finish before 9:20 pm.  Therefore, to be fair to the games after you, please start your games at the scheduled times.  The last game cannot start later than 8:05pm.  Some options available to you are to shorten the game by 5 minutes (try not to go less than 55 minutes), skip the timeouts and just play run time (this is a good option), or take short timeouts.  Where we seem to lose time is getting the next game started.  One thing that monitors can do is to start the clock if it looks like teams are taking way too long to get beyond their chatter and on with the game.  We should try not to do this, but if you have to, do it.  Next year, I will try and move one of the games at Kits to another gym to take the pressure off these game times.

5)     As of yesterday, no new players can enter the league.  All players must be registered.

6)      In this league, you can only “air dunk” – cannot touch the rim – no excuses – please check the rules.

7)      Kerrisdale help with cleanup:  I need your help with cleanup at Kerrisdale.  I can’t do the heavy lifting anymore, so I was worrisome sore yesterday when I got home.  The few items that need moving/lifting are the hockey nets, benches, and scorer’s desk – only takes a couple of minutes – thanks for your help.

8)      Monitor’s role:  Please note that monitors have the authority to do whatever it takes to control the game if the captains cannot do it.  However, captains should be able to do it.  If fouls and/or contests or on court behavior is getting out of hand, it’s the captains’ responsibility to manage this.  Monitors should simply stop the game to allow the captains to get the game back on track – regardless, the game must finish on time.

Please take care of the above items.  We’re only 2 or 3 games from playoffs, so let’s get these items taken care of before we get into playoff mode.  Have a great week.  Biraj