Hello Captains. Good semi-final games this past Sunday. Scores and schedule are now posted. Finals will be next Sunday (19th January) in all three Divisions. All teams continue to play, regardless of playoff status. However, please note the shortened game times for most games, except for the finals and the games at Sunset. We’ll be back to regular length games the following week, when we’ll play some exhibition games before we break for Super Bowl Sunday.

The finals matchup look terrific with R-Town against Lomas meeting again in a championship (I think). The Div. 2 matchup looks pretty strong with Abusement Park/Trolls, and the Div. 3 matchup features two top teams in Div. 3 – Victorious Secret/MP Ballerz – great rosters on both teams. Generally, the matchups reflect the strength of the teams during the regular season with no huge surprises through our 8 teams playoff round.

As far as prizes, Kalisha from Colony Bar in Kits (3255 W. Broadway) has donated some gift certificates. So at the very least, each finals team will receive a $75 gift certificate to Colony, along with the respective Division trophy (new one for Div. 3), and a fair bit of beer donated by Brian from Blaze. Hopefully, this will be sufficient. In the past, we’ve sometimes handed out shirts and/or medals and other items, but we don’t really have the budget anymore for individual prizes. But individual prizes are kind of fun to get, so I’ll keep working on getting other prizes for the future. For this season, if anyone has any other prizes that he/she could donate, it would be much appreciated. Also, Kalisha indicated that there would be Sunday specials at Colony, and I hope to get that info from Kalisha this week.

The Spring season tentatively starts on 16th February. However, if we can get everyone registered in the next couple of weeks, and if no one objects, we might be able to get started on 09th February.

Please don’t forget your monitoring assignments this weekend. We had a couple of very late shows for monitoring, which caused a lot of problems. Please note that no shows for monitoring could mean a game default, but we really don’t want to be doing this (and no point at this stage), and that’s not what this league is about. We just have to get everyone playing and monitoring. Have a great week, and see you next Sunday. Biraj