Great games yesterday.  Many games were very closely matched.  We’re a couple of games away from playoffs, except for Div. 3 who only have one game left.  Div. 3 are off next week as their 06 Apr games were completed this weekend (06 April games had to be rescheduled because the floor is being done that day).  Thanks to the all Div. 3 teams for playing Saturdays and also playing a doubleheader on Sundays in a couple of cases.  The newly finished floor at Kerrisdale will be ready just in time for our playoffs.

Thanks to all who helped cleanup yesterday at Kits, Kerrisdale, and Sunset.  At Kerrisdale, thank to Tara on Rim Touchers for initiating the wonderful help I received from both Rim Touchers and Tenacious D in helping cleanup after the last game – we were literally done in 5 minutes as everyone pitched in – thanks.  Thanks to Abusement Park, Blaze, and the Victorious Secret monitor for cleaning up Kits.  And ongoing thanks for Vince for looking after Sunset.

For playoffs, as mentioned previously, we’ll split into the top 6 and bottom 4 in each Division.  The bottom four will do a round robin and a final, while the top 6 will play a knockout with the top two teams getting a bye.  The top two teams will get a bye, while 3 will play 6, and 4 will play 5 in the first round.  The winner of 4 and 5 will play 1 in the next round, and the winner of 3 and 6 will play 2 to claim a spot in the finals.  This is the plan at the moment, although there is a chance we may do a small round robin, with the top 6 teams splitting into 2 pools of 3 teams each.  I will finalize this next week.

The games themselves are being really well played.  Thanks to the players, especially the captains.  Have a great week, and see you next Sunday. Biraj