Hi Everyone.  I’ve spoken to Kitsilano about extending our Kits finish time so that we don’t have to keep chopping time off the later game times.  Kits has kindly accommodated us, and they will now allow us to finish the last game by 9:30 pm at the latest, and we must exit the building by 9:40 pm.  This should be more than enough time to allow us to complete our set of games at Kits on time.  Therefore, we should no longer have to shorten any games at Kits.  To help ensure we cleanup and leave on time, the last game must start not later than 8:10 pm.  If the last game starts any later than 8:10 pm, we should then cut some time off.  For example, if the last game starts at 8:15 pm, please shorten this game to 55 minutes.  I will try to come each Sunday to help ensure we finish and exit on time.  So thanks to Kits for helping us out with this extra time.  Biraj