Hi Everyone.  Thanks to the following people for attending the meeting.


Attendees  Katie (Wild Rice), Andrew (Monstars), Kira (Hard Tacos), Mike (Blaze), Sean (Abusement Park), Phil (Vertically Impaired), Julian (Goon Squad  ), Kara (Risky Ballness), Tyler (Butta), Claude (Titans), David (Air Bananas), Chris (BBs), Brian (Dragons).


Excellent meeting.


Biraj gave a brief history of the league to point out the origins of the spirit of this league and how it needs to continue to be the overriding guidance for play within the league


1) Discussed the roughness and aggressiveness within the paint as this is what almost all of the complaints were about.  Biraj pointed out that often players (mostly the guys) are driving to the hoop when there is no clear lane.  This is creating situations where there often tends to be disagreement on whether it was an offensive charge or a defensive foul where the defender was not in position.  In this league, we do not want to be dealing with this.  As much as this is a situation that happens often in basketball, we want to avoid these situations.  Even in some cases where in refereed basketball the driving player may be justified for driving aggressively to the hoop, we don’t allow this aggressive driving as it’s too dangerous and too grey a situation to resolve within our league design.  Therefore, players may only drive to the hoop when there is a clear lane.  Often, some guys are taking advantage of their size and forcing their way to the hoop.  This is not allowed.  Captains need to tell their players not to do this, and if players do this, they need to be pulled off the court and reminded of the rules and spirit of this league.  If players continue to repeat this aggressive and rough pattern, they will be removed from this league.  Removing players from the league is not easy, and my preference is to keep players in the league by getting players to adjust.  Almost always, we are able to do this.  At the moment, it seems like we may have 10 to 20 players that need to adjust.  I don’t know the number, but it’s not big.  The problem is that one aggressive/rough player can change the tone of the whole game.  Please keep in mind that our league is an open court, running style game.


2) Suggestion for captains to meet each other before each game so that each one knows who to speak with in case issues arise.  This was a good suggestion as many captains don’t seem to know each other.


3) I’ve reluctantly increased the allowable roster size to 17 for this season to allow for the few teams that have had difficulty fielding players – deadline is 08 November. However, please try to stay within 15 players.  I will likely force the roster size to 15 players for the spring season as the vast majority of teams seem to be fine with this roster limit.


4) Biraj mentioned that the design of this league is to have a continuous running game, and there are many rules designed to allow this type of game.  These include: quick resolution of foul calls, subbing on the fly (game needs to slow down to allow proper substitution), defensive end always retains possession on held ball so no point trying to create a held ball in your offensive end, and shooting oriented game


5) The topic of knowledge of basketball was discussed.  This applies mainly to Div. 3.  Div. 3 captains to coach their weaker players, particularly with how to guard offensive players – -not to use hands and also give space to the offensive player.


6) The topic of divisional movement was brought up. Biraj mentioned that the rules remain the same, however, Div. 2 teams are not forced to go up because of the significant discrepancy in strength between Div. 2 and Div. 1.  Over time, Div. 2 has become much weaker to the point that their average score per game is now even less than Div. 3.  I think part of the reason for this is that Div. 2 needs more movement of teams.  One solution may be to increase the number of teams that move from Div. 2 to Div. 3, however, for now, we will leave it at two teams.  The movement between Divs. 2 and 3 works really well.


7) Biraj mentioned that although the captains are generally very good with knowing the rules and playing within the spirit of this league, there are many players that don’t know the rules.  Rarely is there an issue with a captain, so it’s most important that the captains educate their players about how to play in this league.  I’m happy to help.


Thanks for a very good meeting.  It’s too bad there weren’t more people, however, I very much appreciate those that took the time to attend.  These rare meetings are very important, and the teams that weren’t present, especially the ones that complained, should try harder to send a representative in the future.  Biraj